BYOP Details and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can join Solavei AND keep your favorite phone!  If you have a GSM phone, you may be able to join Solavei without the additional cost of a new phone.

To get started, ensure the following:

1. Your phone is a GSM phone with a standard or micro SIM (if your phone takes a SIM card, it is most likely GSM.)

  • Your phone is Unlocked – check with your current carrier to make sure your phone is unlocked
  • Your phone is compatible with the Solavei Mobile Network.
  • Phone examples are available in the BYOP document, and on

2. You have the ability to either buy a Solavei phone OR buy a SIM only and Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP).

3. When selecting BYOP enter your IMEI into the “Check Your Phone Tool”

4. You can get your IMEI by entering *#06# on your phone key pad – just like dialing a phone number, then hit Send.

5. While you wait for your SIM card, use your new Solavei username and password to get familiar with the Solavei Community and our Online Member Support.

6. Check out the Equipment Support Center within the Support section of the Solavei Community. It’s your #1 spot for phone how-to, troubleshooting and more.

7. Once you receive your SIM card, activate the SIM at, and then insert the SIM into your existing phone.

8. Your phone should automatically receive an update to your settings, which allow you to send picture messages and access data on Solavei’s Network.  If this does not happen, log in to, click on “Support” to find out what you need to do to manually update these settings.

9. Important: iPhone® users will not receive an automatic update. iPhone® users will need to use the Equipment Support Center available at and within the Support section of the Solavei Community to get instructions on how to manually update settings for the iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SIM card?

A:  The SIM (subscriber identification module) card is the brain of a digital phone. It is a card that either comes with a Solavei phone or can be purchased separately. A SIM card features a computer microchip that stores all information associated with your mobile account. You can easily insert this card into the phone or transfer it into other phones; it will retain your phone contacts and personalized service information.

NOTE:  The phone needs to be an unlocked GSM phone in order to work with a Solavei SIM card on Solavei network.

What is GSM?

A:  GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is the world’s most popular wireless phone technology. We offer a nationwide GSM/GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) footprint across 100 percent of our service area. GSM offers global roaming capabilities, as well as excellent voice quality.

Is my GSM phone compatible with Solavei’s network?

A:  Mobile phones from nearly every manufacturer (Apple, HTC, Samsung, etc.) will work on our network. To find out if your GSM phone is compatible with the Solavei Mobile Network, use the “Check Your Phone Tool” available at

What is an unlocked device?

A:  Most GSM providers in North America sell their phones with a SIM lock that prevents the phone from working with SIM cards from other carriers. This is done to offset the cost of the discount customers receive on phone purchases and to prevent fraud. Consumers may request their phone be unlocked from their carrier and once unlocked, the phone can be used with any carrier’s SIM card. Other phones are sold already unlocked and can be used with any SIM card.

What’s the difference between a standard SIM card and a micro SIM card?

A:  A micro SIM card is essentially a smaller version of a standard SIM card. For example, the iPhone® 4 and HTC One™ S use a micro SIM card while the ZTE Origin™ and HTC Wildfire™ use a regular SIM.

Does my phone use a standard SIM card or a micro SIM card?

A:  To find out if your phone uses a standard SIM card or a micro SIM card visit the Equipment Support Center at or the support section of the Solavei Community.

Will other carriers unlock the iPhone®?

A:   AT&T will unlock an iPhone 3, 4 or 4S for any off-contract customers in good standing who request such. Once unlocked, a Solavei micro SIM can be purchased, and the iPhone will be a usable phone on the Solavei Mobile Network. Please note: the iPhone 5 is not currently compatible with Solavei, as it uses a Nano SIM – which Solavei does not support.

Can I use my own iPhone® on the Solavei’s Mobile Network?

A:  The iPhone 3, 4 or 4S will be categorized as a “Usable Phone” on the Solavei network. With a Solavei SIM Card, members can get a quality voice and text experience with data at 2G / EDGE speeds. The Solavei Community Application will not be available on the iPhone. However, members can access the community by visiting

What are 2G/EDGE Speeds?

A:  2G data, previously known as EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) provides approximate speeds of 70 to 135 Kbps.

I don’t see my phone on the compatibility checklist; will Verizon or Sprint phones work on the Solavei Mobile Network?

A:  Verizon and Sprint phones cannot be used on the Solavei network, as they do not use GSM technology and are not SIM card compatible.

Will Solavei provide support for troubleshooting my non-Solavei handset?

A:  Solavei provides a comprehensive Equipment Support Center at and within the support section of the Solavei Community. Members can find Solavei common procedures as well as troubleshooting for a wide variety of GSM phones. In the event that the phone is defective, broken or needs repair members who brought their own phone would need to work directly with the manufacturer of the phone. Solavei will not support handset exchanges for phones not sold by Solavei.

If you have a question about bring your own phone details and FAQ please contact me.


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